“Karate is a lifetime study – Let us take you on your journey”

Newcastle Region


Neil Smith is a 3rd Dan instructor and the sensei of Shito-Ryu Satokai Karate Newcastle, a branch under chief instructor Shihan Ron Matthews. Neil wants to pass on the knowledge he has gained for over 30 years of Martial Arts Study to his students.

Central Coast Region

Ron Matthews – Shihan 7th Dan is the Chief Instructor for NSW running the Shobu-Dojo and cheif instructor of Satokai Australia. He wants to pass the knowledge he has gained from over 40 years of Martial Arts Study to his students so they can also enjoy the benefits of what serious karate practice can offer.

Soke Akira Sato

Shihan Yoshiaki Akira Sato

Soke Akira Sato is the founder of Satokai Shito-Ryu, a large international community of karate students with dojos all over the world. Shito Ryu is a traditional karate style originating from the island of Okinawa and is one of the four major styles practiced in Japan. Karate goes back several hundred years to Okinawa.