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Welcome to Shito-Ryu Satokai Karate-Do Australia

Shito-Ryu is one of the four major styles of Japan. Shito-Ryu remains true to the authentic karate of feudal Okinawa. It combines two of the original styles of karate – Shuri-te and Naha-te – and is considered to be the foremost at teaching kata – a series of offensive and defensive moves rooted in centuries of tradition. Read more about The History of Shito Ryu.

We help you learn Shito-Ryu Satokai karate and there is so much to gain:

  • Learn self-defense
  • Improve physical condition
  • Confidence & self esteem
  • Concentration & focus
  • Respect for others
  • Build new friendships
  • Develop inner peace

Karate is good for both body and mind. You will develop your muscles and improve your coordination & balance – you will get fit. Karate is built on respect for others and discipline; it will help you focus and build your self esteem.

kids-classes-in-ettalong-1Why should your child learn karate

It will help them pay attention & focus. Their training is built on discipline & respect. They will build their confidence to stand up for themselves and others. They will have fun and get new friends.

Unfortunately kids sometimes get bullied. Our experience have showed us, that the effects of kids practicing Shito-Ryu give them much better confidence & self esteem and therefore can handle bullying much better and in a non-violent way.

They gain an aura of self confidence that makes other kids unconsciously back off.

Why adults should learn karate

Adult karate studentsKarate keeps your mind sharp, helps you focus and concentrate. It will develop your muscles; improve your balance and coordination. You can do karate your whole life, it will keep you healthy and fit.

Don’t be afraid to take the first step and join in a free class. You won’t be punched or thrown to the ground as lots of karate video’s show you on YouTube – you will be taught basic karate: Good solid stances, blocks, how to punch and kick correctly. You will learn simple basic kata’s (series of moves with blocks, kicks and punches) and we are there to help and guide you.

Later as you improve and get higher graded you will learn more advanced techniques.

True practitioners of Karate-do make this a life-time study. That doesn’t mean that we have to stop our lives to study this art. It means fitting karate into our daily lives. A slow, steady approach to karate will be much more beneficial than a fanatic burst to try and learn it all fast.

Remember it is NEVER too late to take the first step & a black belt is a white belt that never gave up.