Woodrising Neighbourhood Centre


Beginners/Basic training:   5.00-6.00 pm

Advanced Kids 6-12 year:   6.00-6.45 pm

Teens & Adults:  7.00-8.00 pm


Beginners/Basic training:   5.00-6.00 pm

Advanced Kids 6-12 year:   6.00-6.45 pm

Teens & Adults:  7.00-8.00 pm


Karate Fees

$35 per month for kids
$45 per month for teens & adults

Yearly insurance & membership $60 once a year per person

Start Up Package

We offer a start up pack with a karate gi, insurance and membership for $100 for adults and kids.


We offer discount to families. The more the merrier. We believe in improving together.


If you are a beginner, you will start in the beginner classes. Once you have learned your basics, you are welcome to join in the other classes as well.

Call Sensei Neil  at 0408 305 946 and sign up for a free trial or just show up 10 minutes before the class.

Sensei Neil Smith

Neil Smith is a 3rd Dan instructor and the Sensei of Shito-Ryu Sato Kai  Karate Newcastle, a branch under Satokai Karato-do Australia run by Shihan Ron Matthews.

Neil Sensei originally started training in Jin Wu Koon Shaloin Double Dragon Kung Fu in 1984, then transferred to Budokan Karate in 1986 and trained till 2008 and achieved 2nd Dan in this style.

Years ago he moved to the Central Coast and started training Shito Ryu with Ron Sensei at his Erina & Ettalong dojos. In 2013 Neil Sensei received the award of NSW Shito Ryu Student of the year for his training efforts.

Since 2014 Sensei Neil has traveled to Japan each year and on his last trip he was awarded his 3rdst Dan in Shito Ryu by Master Suzuki Seiko. Neil Sensei has practiced the art of karate for over 30 years and continues to train weekly with Ron Shihan furthering his knowledge so that he may pass it on to his students.

Sempai Charlotte

Sempai Charlotte is a 1st Dan and helps Sensei Neil with the Newcastle classes at Shito Ryu Karate Do Newcastle.

Sempai Charlotte helps Sensei Neil with the kids, teens and adult classes, and is very dedicated, courteous, and patient with the students. She has a respectful mindset, and takes karate very seriously.

She has worked 20 years as a registered nurse, with a degree in anesthesia and acute care in Denmark. After moving to Australia, she has dedicated her time to karate, as well as running one of Australia’s biggest chilli companies with Sensei Neil.